Coconut Bowl - Silver Burst
Coconut Bowl - Silver Burst
Coconut Bowl - Silver Burst
Coconut Bowl - Silver Burst

Coconut Bowl - Silver Burst

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Our Coconut shell bowls are hand painted and commonly used to catch the ashes while performing smudging rituals. They can also be used as jewelry bowl or to hold white sand or gravel for Zen purposes for meditation. Stand sold separately. 

Material: Natural Coconut Shell
& Paint

Purpose: Home container bowl, decoration, storage candy, melon seeds, salad, dried fruits etc.

 SAFETY WARNING: DO NOT leave anything burning in bowl. You can catch the ashes in the bowl but DO NOT leave anything actively burning in the bowl. NEVER leave bowl unattended while catching ashes. Heat resistant not fire safe


1. Made from real coconuts. Vegan, eco-friendly and health!
2. Unique by nature, each coconut bowl has its own individual color, size and shape

How to care for the coconut bowl?

Wash in warm, soapy water. We recommend not to wash in a dishwasher.
Every so often polish your bowl with coconut oil or flaxseed oil to restore shine.

  1. Pure hand carving, Food-Safe;
  2. Healthy, BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free, close to nature; simple, subtle elegance;
  3. Working ends are modern, functional, and comfortable;
  4. Made of Natural coconut, light but solid, can make the table a natural fresh breath;
  5. Simple and plain, natural and elegant, exudes the flavor of the years;
  6. In summer is not hot, in winter is not ice hand, believe that served in a wooden utensil not only food, but also have the strong interest;