Abalone & Sage Smudge Set

Abalone & Sage Smudge Set

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This smudging set includes 1 Abalone shell, 1 White Sage Bundle, Smudging Instructions and Blessing.

Our Abalone shells are hand polished and are traditionally used during smudging ceremonies. Please keep in mind when using these shells, they originated in their natural habitat in the ocean. Each shell has little imperfections such as natural scratches. The shells range between 5.5 to 6 inches in size. When using the shell during smudging rituals do not leave unintended. All-natural abalone shells have holes in which embers and ashes can slip thru. Never leave while hot on a NON firesafe surface.

 All our shells are legally sold following all guidelines of fish and game

Our White Sage Bundles are purchased from local family farms in California.